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 If you are a single entrepreneur, this will be the best option for you to start with.


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  • Contact us and tell us your business idea

  • Prepare the documents needed

  • Make an appointment to discuss the requirements

  • Let us get you started with freelancing

  • Send your first invoice to your customer

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890one time
  • Obtaining trade licence
  • Official seat + adress


870one time
  • Obtaining trade licence
  • Official seat + adress


980one time
  • Obtaining trade licence
  • Official seat + adress


790one time
  • Obtaining trade licence
  • Official seat + adress
Can I get visa in the EU?2021-04-12T13:38:07+01:00

There is no need for guidance or assistance yet. I just want to ask questions about potential markets and also understand the processes before committing to something.

Can you provide nominee services?2021-04-12T09:23:44+01:00

Yes, we can provide full nominee services for company officials and shareholders.

what documents will be required to provide?2021-04-12T09:22:47+01:00

We will require a certified copy of your passport and two original documents that prove residential address that are less than 3 months old – i.e. utility bill – Gas, electricity, telephone (not cell phone), water or bank statement. Some countries may require a Bank Statement or a reference from your bank. (We will verify this on your application) These documents are required under EU ant-money laundering legislation.

Can I have a company that has one-man only?2021-04-12T09:21:52+01:00

Yes, you can. In most cases this is acceptable. There are exceptions whereby if you have only one shareholder then either the amount of share capital to be paid is increased as the liability increases. In some cases, if one director is named on the company then this has to be declared as part of the main corporate name. Some jurisdictions such as Ireland require a minimum of two directors, however, we can provide a non-executive director should you require one.

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