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Market expansion, done right.

We reduce complexity and provide comfort while you expand into new markets in the EU. But, we do not stop there. We enable you to run your new company remotely with our back-office services.


Market expansion, done right

We reduce complexity and provide comfort while you expand into new markets in the EU. But we do not stop there. We enable you to run your new company remotely with our back-office services.


Expand successfully with a reliable and resourceful partner

For small-medium sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed and dissatisfied
with the complexity and high total cost of ownership associated with branching out to new markets,
ScaleOffice is an end-to-end market expansion solutions provider that offers not only company set-up
services, but also recurring back-office services; unlike conventional solution providers out there.

What we bring to the table for your business?

Market expansion process and related procedures can be time consuming, labor intensive and error prone. We provide control and comfort while you expand into new markets by removing obstacles with our expertise. Once you successfully expand into a new market, we diligently carry out back-office services for your new company.

Monitor and control all process milestones

You will be able to track the status of all your service requests from our proprietary online platform. You
will communicate with your account manager and exchange documents in a secure, practical, and efficient way.

Submit your requests efficiently and effortlessly

You will have a single point of contact for all your requests and inquiries. Your dedicated account
manager will follow up on all legal and commercial procedures that pertain to your company expansion, and oversee day-to-day communication, management, and rapid resolution of all your back office service requests.

To make things neat, we have bundled company set-up procedures

If you are not quite sure which product and/or location meet your requirements, that is perfectly ok. It is quite common to seek additional information and advice related to company set-up procedures. If this is the case, you may select our consultation product to get concrete answers to your questions by an expert.


395 starting
  • Support for obtaining trade license for freelancers
  • Virtual office address for the first 12 months


950 starting
  • Limited liability company formation in the preferred location
  • Virtual office address for the first 12 months


1,850 starting
  • Everything that is available in the Essential Bundle
  • + Monthly accounting and annual financial closing for the first year


45 / 45 minute
  • Concierge services
  • Information and advice

After your company set-up is finalized, you can inquire for the back-office services that are available to you in your preferred location.

However, if you need a different service that is not listed, we will do our best to offer it to you separately. Just get in touch with us at

Our partners

We cooperate with investment agencies, ministries, chambers of commerce and embassies in the designated countries that we offer our services.

Frequently asked questions

Are you new to company formation and back-office services? We have it covered. Have a look at the most frequently asked questions.

Can I set-up a company remotely?2021-07-09T18:37:56+02:00

Yes, with a power of attorney (PoA), we can exacute and follow all procuders on your behalf. After incorporation, you can start managing your business fully-remotely as well.

Can I get a startup/business visa via my new company?2021-07-09T18:32:37+02:00

This depends on the country, but majority of the EU countries grant a startup/business visa after the formation of the company.

Can I open a business bank account online?2021-07-09T18:50:07+02:00

This does not have a straightforward answer. We can open a bank account on your behalf with power of attorney (PoA), but it is very likely that you will need to visit the bank personally to activate the account. Procedures vary quite a lot from country to country.

Who can be the managing director of my new company?2021-07-09T18:52:54+02:00

The managing direc