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Forming a new company in a different country, or expanding your business to a new market entails many small details. We got all your questions covered. See the steps below:

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Frequently asked questions

Can I set-up a company remotely?2021-07-09T18:37:56+02:00

Yes, with a power of attorney (PoA), we can exacute and follow all procuders on your behalf. After incorporation, you can start managing your business fully-remotely as well.

Can I get a startup/business visa via my new company?2021-07-09T18:32:37+02:00

This depends on the country, but majority of the EU countries grant a startup/business visa after the formation of the company.

Can I open a business bank account online?2021-07-09T18:50:07+02:00

This does not have a straightforward answer. We can open a bank account on your behalf with power of attorney (PoA), but it is very likely that you will need to visit the bank personally to activate the account. Procedures vary quite a lot from country to country.

Who can be the managing director of my new company?2021-07-09T18:52:54+02:00

The managing director can be either one of the shareholders or one of the employees.

Is my company required to have a registered address?2021-07-09T18:57:56+02:00

Yes, and this address can be a virtual office.