In market expansion processes, such as establishing a company in a new market, relying on “answers” that you procure from the internet or from friends and business partners who had done “the same thing” before, is like procuring answers for an exam with continuously changing questions, and not knowing what the current questions even are.

Expanding into new markets is a huge step, but for entrepreneurs and small-and-medium sized enterprises who want to tap into the income of new markets, there has never been a better time to search for new locations for expansion. However, as exciting as market expansion can be, it brings a unique series of challenges to overcome. From language and cultural barriers to meeting governmental directives for taxation, businesses have many obstacles to overcome before they get access to a new market. Learning about the country before establishing your company there will give you some level of insight. However, no matter how much a company plans its expansion, there will always be known unknowns. And the existence of these unknowns is, not surprisingly, known.

Even before the market expansion procedures start. Your expansion team, or whoever is tasked from your company to oversee the market expansion processes, and the local partners they forge will help overcome these hurdles to some extent. But they will always need a professional expansion agency’s full support if they are to succe